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KLSE – Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange

Malaysia KL Stock Exchange (KLSE) started the operation for Malaysia local investor since year 1976.  On 14 April 2004, KLSE change it name to BURSA Malaysia or known as Malaysia Exchange.

There are nearly 1000 listed company in BURSA Malaysia and all these companies are registered under BURSA Malaysia.  It provides a wide variety of investment opportunity for the investor in this region.

KLSE Index

There are many difference indexes available in KLSE index, such as KLCI index, FBM70, FBM 30, CONSTRUCTN, CONSUMER and a lot more.  Investor could base on own interest to examine individual index for judging the current KLSE status.

Among all the KLSE indexes, KLCI index and FBM70 are the 2 commonly referred indexes.  Investors are advice to examine these 2 KLSE chart in order to grab the first impression about Malaysia KLSE stock market.

KLCI index

KLCI is the abbreviation for KL Composite Index, it is the capitalization-weighted index.  KLCI index comprises of total 30 largest capitalize companies listed in BURSA Malaysia.  Investor could find out more about the these 30 listed companies comprises for KLCI index.


FBM70 is another key indexes as KLCI index.  This index comprises of 70 mid range capitalization weighted listed companies in KLSE.

Setup KLSE Stock Watch

There are many ways to setup KLSE stock watch.  One of the easy way or quick way is setting up the stock watch under the trading system that currently use.

In most cases, the trading system may not be very user friendly to technical chart selection.  Some investors prefer to set the individual share watch list in the trading technical chart system.

Even KLSE is not the largest stock exchange in Asia, it still be one of the important stock exchange market for investor at this region.  Investor should be able to locate the investment opportunity from KLSE.

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